Rowan Alba’s Learning Centre is open

After a hugely successful ‘pilot  year’ Rowan Learning Centre, our new Social Enterprise, is expanding its delivery of the SVQ3 in Social Services and Healthcare and ILM Level 3 Coaching Award. 

Over the last year we have delivered qualifications to over 30 staff  from Local and national charities, and employment agencies. For more about their experiences, see Testimonials below. 

As a social enterprise we pride ourselves on developing opportunities for individuals who have used services themselves. More details on our ‘Pathway to Employment’ can be found in a short film at the link below.

Testimonials from our learners

I found the guidance and direction from my tutor to be a reassurance and…a motivation.

What helped most was…being able to voice my concerns about the qualification and having these acknowledged and… quashed.

My Assessor has been a fantastic support through this learning process. He was extremely patient with me as I was figuring things out, and pushed me along when he knew that I had developed an understanding of the process.

I feel very fortunate to have my Assessor on my side, and I am extremely confident in my own abilities because of his support.

As Rowan Learning Centre is a Social Enterprise, from every SVQ candidate who learns with us we can provide:

  • 3 nights housing and support to a vulnerable adult,
  • or 8 months of outreach support through our CARDS service
  • or a years worth of training for one of our volunteers 

All  our Assessors currently work in the Social Care sector, so you will find that you already share a common language with them.  

Rowan Learning Centre is an equalities based organisation, so tailoring the learning experience to each individual is key.  

Our priority is for candidates to gain their qualification with as little stress and fuss as possible.  

To achieve this, every candidate works through a ‘pre-assessment’ period with their assessor before beginning their years support. This ensures that no one begins their qualification until they have the evidence writing skills, and the confidence, to do so.