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More than just 


Rowan Alba has a range of solutions which are effective in providing life-long solutions to homelessness and preventing it before it becomes a reality for vulnerable people.

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Rowan Alba’s unique set of services are based on our extensive experience of ending and preventing homelessness. We see these as more than just services, they are places where we enable people to build their lives and supportive human connections.

Supported accommodation

Thorntree Street

Supported accomodation with Scottish Assured Tenancies for up to 12 former street homeless men in a communal setting. Support with physical and emotional health and support accepting, and managing alcohol use.

Supported accommodation

Thorntree Mill

New homes-for-life to be opened in 2022. Providing supported living for 9 former street homeless men. This has been part-funded through Community Share Investment in partnership with Common Ground Against Homelessness

Supported accommodation


Transitional housing for up to 10 women. Supports women both emotionally and practically to obtain tenancy’s, learn life skills, be independent, gain confidence and meet new people.



Community Alcohol Related Damage Service is a befriending service which provides emotional health and social networks to service users through volunteers.



We offer training and coaching based on our working practices. Available to private and third sector organisations of any size, these informative sessions will introduce your team to unique insights gathered by our staff in their work and lived experiences.