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Whether you climb the highest peaks, swim the Channel or give up chocolate for a month we need your fundraising superpowers! Supporting some of society’s most vulnerable people isn’t easy, but we can do it together.

This is the place to find everything you need to get fundraising 

We know there is many charities looking for your time and energy to fundraise. So we have put together a range of materials to support your fundraiser. Every step you take is a step closer to supporting another person who is at their most vulnerable. If you need any further help or support, contact us and we will do everything we can to make to make your fundraiser a success.

Before you start fundraising, let’s get connected!

You can find Rowan Alba on all the best social media platforms. Connect with us on your preferred platform and share your fundraising journey with us.

Fundraising downloads

You can promote your fundraiser by using these useful and informative assets.

Fundraiser posters

If you’re holding an event in your workplace or community, these posters are great for highlighting our cause.

Fundraising event poster

A poster to let people know where and when your fundraiser will be.

Totaliser poster

Watch your fundraising total climb up the Rowan tree with this poster

About our work poster – Rowan Alba

A poster highlighting the work Rowan Alba does across all of it’s services.

About our work poster – CARDS

A poster highlighting the work of our CARDS service

About our work poster – Stramullion

A poster highlighting the work of our Stramullion service

About our work poster – Thorntree

A poster highlighting the work of our Thorntree service

Social Media Downloads

Use these images to promote your fundraise to your friends and family through social media

Social media images

Download images for all your favourite social channels

Fundraiser badges

Let your colleagues and contacts know about the amazing fundraising you’re doing with these dazzling downloads

Horizontal logos

These images are perfect for email footers

Square logos

These images are perfect social media profile pictures or printing on to T-Shirts


Register your fundraiser with us!

By registering your fundraiser with us we can support you all the way! We would love to share your pictures on social media and help you raise more funds. Send us all the details through the form below and we will contact you about your event.

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