More Than Just A Roof

Rowan Alba is a charity that provides a range of services, which help people out of the misery that is repeat homelessness.
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Working in homelessness prevention and supporting people to realise their full potential, communication is key. Rowan Alba offers a variety of coaching qualifications and training, including the unique opportunity to be trained remotely for volunteering during CoVid19 restrictions. 

CoVid 19 Volunteering

The current situation is bringing many vulnerable adults to the attention of services for the first time. If we don’t act now they will slip through the net. Help us respond.  Act now and we can commence visits when restrictions are lifted and manage the introductions via telephone in the meantime. 


 We provide a range of services across Scotland, which reduce the chances of people becoming homeless.  Our staff are working tirelessly ensuring all our services continue despite CoVid 19 restrictions.

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,The need for people to be able to call their GP surgery or pharmacist is vital, as is the importance of remaining in contact with family and friends.  Many people are telling us they have no phone credit and are worried about how they will manage to spend more on food than normal to allow them to keep themselves safe.  No one is panic buying.  Everyone is simply preparing for less trips to the shop than usual. We need to respond by supporting these people to self isolate safely.  £10 has never gone so far as it does now.

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Locum Support Worker shifts available at Thorntree  We are currently recruiting for support workers, who embrace our values of 'Accept, Support, Include', to provide occasional cover at our Thorntree Street accomodation. This is an ongoing opportunity. If you are...

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Must just be the individual.

Thatcher would love this sort of thing.

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