Volunteer for Rowan Alba’s befriending service, CARDS, and you can end the isolation of someone who has a problematic relationship with alcohol. All you need to do is have a regular conversation. As you talk, you might also learn alot about yourself from them.

Below is several ways you can volunteer for CARDS. All of them can all open up new skills and opportunities. Our volunteering programmes are designed to make a positive impact of real people in only a few hours a week.


Volunteering roles with CARDS

NHS Hospital Link volunteer

Help us build links with people following a health crisis and reduce future hospital admissions

Community volunteer

Get out in the community and help us build links with places that can support our clients

One-to-one befriender

Make a connection with an isolated person who needs support to get back out into society

Art project volunteer

Build on your befriending experience by using your creative side to share the experiences of our clients

NHS Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit Befriender

Help us build links with people whilst they transition from rehab to back home

Volunteering for CARDS is simple

Whether you are ready to jump in and start helping people now, or have questions use this form to get in touch with us. We will get back to you and help you get going.

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Need to know more?

Our volunteer resources section has everything you will need to know before getting in touch