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We celebrate 20 years of Ann Logan

Today marks the incredible milestone of 20 years of service by our Head of Operations, Ann Logan. Ann’s dedication to supporting vulnerable people into a life which is right for them is simply unparalleled.

In her role as Head of Operations, Ann has guided and supported our staff teams across all of our services. Without Ann’s pragmatic and compassionate approach our staff would not be able to do their challenging work. Paul McCay, Support Worker at  Thorntree Street recently said this of Ann.

“It is difficult sometimes. There was a spate there in a six month period where five of the guys died really quickly, and that was really difficult… But we do give each other support, and there’s always someone to talk to, and Ann’s always there, and you can always phone her.” 


An invaluable colleague at every level

During her time at Rowan Alba, Ann has been highly adaptable at creating living environments which support clients with complex needs and health conditions. Ann has identified this approach as a combination of Supported Living and Care at Home. Our residential services provide 24 hour support. This ceaseless commitment is given to every client without condition or judgement, a central principle of Rowan Alba’s approach which Ann has been instrumental in making a workable reality. Under Ann’s management our services have grown to become real communities where staff and clients work together for the support of all. Karen Barr, Rowan Alba’s CEO said,

“Congratulations to Ann Logan for 20 years of dedicated service to Rowan Alba. A wonderful achievement Ann and all at Rowan Alba would like to thank you for your solid and ongoing support and commitment. You should be very proud of your long service, as we are thankful to have you. Happy Anniversary 🙂”

From all the staff and clients at Thorntree Street, Thorntree Mill, Stramullion and CARDS we would like to say a sincere and heartfelt, thank you!