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the light

In March 2022, Croatian photographer and Cinematographer Antonio Pozojević became a volunteer at our Thorntree Street Homes-for-life. During this time, he created a beautiful series of images that capture the warmth and camaraderie of the community.

“These pictures were made during my second stay at Thorntree as a volunteer during March 2022. They are casual and spontaneous moments captured when residents were feeling comfortable being photographed. I hope they reflect the honest and genuine relationship we’ve tried to build while being their guests and would be a small reminder of their hospitality and time we shared together.”

Antonio Pozojević


Antonio Pozojević (1984) is freelance cinematographer currently doing MFA in Advanced film practice at Napier. His education includes joint MA Study of Cinematography “Viewfinder” (IADT/Dublin-Ireland, BFM/Tallinn- Estonia, SZFE/ Budapest-Hungary) which he graduated from in 2021. Prior to that he graduated from Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb in 2017. When he is not behind a camera, he likes to snap a photo or two. He had several solo and group exhibitions back home in Croatia. 


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About Thorntree Street

Rowan Alba’s centre at Thorntree St. in Leith operates a unique model for living that supports former street homeless people in a sustainable way of life.

Independent individuals by nature, Thorntree tenants contribute to the management and organisation. The atmosphere is far from the top-down regimes which have characterised ‘homeless shelters’ in the past.
Based on the 15 year development of Thorntree St, we have created the Thorntree Model. This blend of inclusivity, pragmatism and knowledge can be applied in other locations to help people who are often stigmatised as a thorn in the side of society.


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