Covid – 19: Lockdown is no barrier to Learning!

We have access to e learning modules from NHS Education Scotland.  
The two courses that are relevant for staff, volunteers and those taking our Bar Awareness Training are;

Improving your Tramua skilled Practice 

CoVid 19 Psychological First Aid 


Registering for Truras is simple and the learning process is relaxed and flexible to come in and out of at your leisure. 

You will be asked for the following information which we have noted below when you are registering

Sectors – Health and Social Care Partnerships

Organisations – City of Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

Proffessional Group – Community and Social Care

Proffessional Role – Volunteer

You will then be asked for your own personal details and you will then be given access to the courses noted below and you can complte them in your own time using group support and supervision to reflect on your learning with other volunteers and staff


In line with the Trauma Skilled practice level of the Scottish Transforming Psychological Trauma Framework, Developing your trauma skilled practice is designed to

1. Increase learners’ understanding of traumatic events and the different ways that people can be affected by them and

2. Help learners recognise where the impact of trauma might influence their work with people affected by trauma

There are 5 learning units plus assessment, and the module is designed to take 1-2 hours to complete. 


This module is designed to support anyone who is delivering health or social care to deliver effective Psychological First Aid (PFA) throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. PFA is a humane, supportive and flexible response to people who are in distress or suffering during and after crises or emergencies like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Version: 1

Learning Outcomes:

Understand what Psychological First Aid (PFA) is and is not Understand the ways that Pandemic like COVID-19 can affect us Understand the 7 key components of effective PFA

Feel able to deliver PFA support to others Adapt PFA to the needs of particularly vulnerable groups of people Identify ways to take care of yourself while providing PFA

ILM Level 3 in Effective Coaching:

Entry Level Coaching Qualification for Managers, Professionals, and Volunteers

Three days of guided learning from one of our Qualified Coaches, we use our expertise in communicating with ‘Hard to Reach’ individuals to guide learners through our unique ROWAN model of Coaching. Follow up Coaching Supervision is delivered to all candidates.

CEO of iMultipy Resourcing, described it as: 
“hugely beneficial to my professional and personal development. I now feel better equipped to unlock my teams’ potential.”


    Rowan Alba Learning Centre

    We deliver high quality, qualifications and training to staff and volunteers throughout the Third Sector.

    CARDS Volunteer Training

    Rowan Alba provides a continuous training and learning plan for all of our dedicated CARDS volunteers.

    Additional information

    SVQ Social Services and Healthcare Level 3

    Rowan Learning Centre is a Social Enterprise so, for every SVQ candidate who learns with us, we can provide 3 nights housing and support to a vulnerable adult, or 8 months of outreach support through our CARDS service, or a  years  worth  of training for one of our volunteers.

    What does Rowan Alba provide?

    Rowan Alba provides a bespoke learning experience for each SVQ candidate. As a smaller centre with all our Assessors experienced in frontline work with  individuals with multiple and complex support needs, we can offer learning support tailored to the specific needs of those in the Third Sector. 

    Our Record as a Centre

    We have been delivering SVQ’s to our own staff since 2009. 100% of candidates who have decided to remain in the care sector have successfully completed their SVQ Level 3 in Social Services and Health Care whilst working with us. This years SQA report highlighted us as having ‘Significant Strengths in all areas’, with no areas for improvement. It made particular mention of our ‘resilient’ work with candidates who have additional support needs.

    Remote Learning

    Using Microsoft Outlooks Onedrive, candidates and assessors can communicate and piece together the virtual SVQ portfolio in between scheduled meetings. This allows regular feedback on work and centralised access for candidate, assessor and line manager if required. A monthly update on each candidate to the purchaser will also be provided.

    Price Structure

    Rowan Alba is an SAAS approved Part Time Fee Grant provider and as such, up to £815 of the cost of the award can be claimed by eligible candidates. Further pricing information available on request, for individual and group bookings. Rowan Alba Limited can also offer organisations qualified assessors to work alongside their existing SVQ provider.