View from
the inside

An exhibition of art and poetry created by the Rowan Alba CARDS community during the Covid-19 pandemic

About the project


Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 lockdowns Sam Rutherford, CARDS’ artist-in-residence sent over 50 packs of basic art supplies to community members across Edinburgh. Materials included markers, coloured pencils, paper, paints, and single use cameras. The initial idea of sending these art supplies was to encourage our community to keep occupied during a difficult time while receiving the benefits of creative expression. Our artists were eager to share their works with the rest of the community so we decided to publish them in our monthly zine so our 180 “subscribers” (CARDS community, volunteers, and employees) could enjoy.

Sam Rutherford
CARDS Artist in residence

We can’t do this without volunteers

CARDS can’t do the amazing things it does without amazing people getting involved. Could you make the difference?

This art project began to take a life of its own as our artists eagerly continued to make more and more art. Sam would hold monthly Zoom sessions where the artists and their befriending volunteers would create art for an hour. Other local artists and curators were also invited to these virtual sessions to provide short talks and take part in discussions. We were overwhelmed by the response that this generated and decided to spotlight our community in a new way, through an art exhibition.

I may have found a portal into another world by Helen
Digital photograph

View from the Inside is a celebration of being able to gather after months of isolation, but it is also a reminder of how one’s personal environment can impact recovery. Now that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, we plan on holding in-person art sessions, gallery visits and cultural tours with the CARDS community.

Gallery of selected works