Our members

We’re a team of passionate support workers, leaders, coordinators and volunteers.


Helen Carlin, CEO

Ann Logan

Ann Logan, Head of Residential Services


Tracey Stewart, Volunteering Coordinator


Declan McKiernan, Team Leader Thorntree


Danneille Moyes, SVQ Assessor

Our Board of Directors

Colin Cluniel, Director

Mark Kennedy, Director

Kristy Docherty, Director

Ann Nolan, Director

Fin Wycherley, Director

Wendy Sneddon, Director

Our volunteers

 We have over 40 volunteers working with CARDS (Community Alcohol Related Damage Service). More will be featured on the website soon, they are just a bit camera shy!

A senior volunteer’s role description should in my mind incorporate:

  • being a good listener
  • full of encouragement
  • facilitator
  • flexibility with suggestions for ways forward
  • supportive of ideas and thoughts
  • negotiate a different path when deemed necessary

Reading over my wee poem (written a year or so ago) I feel it says what I basically think for all volunteers in varying degrees!

V  a vital, valuable and varied venture

O organised, open minded, open ended observations and to facilitate optimum ‘opporchancities’!

L  liaison and linked learning for a legacy

U  unburden to be understood and upbeat

N  negotiate and navigate needs to nurture

T  thoughtful and thought provoking tangible timescale tonic

E  empower expectations to equip and enrich

E  enthusiastically and energetically engage, educate and encourage

R  respect, realistic, resourceful and REWARDING

Ellie Yule

Senior Volunteer