Who we are

The charity Rowan Alba was founded in 2004. We are a team of support workers, leaders, coordinators, peers and volunteers committed to ending homelessness. 

In Celtic mythology, the Rowan tree was known as the Travellers’ Tree, because it prevented people on a journey from getting lost. Rowan Alba began with Thorntree Street in 2004.

Our values are to accept, support and include. All our services are framed around addressing social isolation, offering one to one support and accepting people as they are.  

We’re a team of passionate support workers, leaders, coordinators and volunteers. We have over 40 volunteers working with CARDS. View all members by clicking the link below.

Our vision is of an inclusive society, where a coherent social policy integrates the wish to prevent falling through the cracks, and where this does happen, the provision of centered services which holistically address the needs of the individual and focus on their capacity to contribute fully to a more connected community.

Helen Carlin

CEO & Founder of Rowan Alba