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Moving Home



People’s experiences shape their lives, and this in turn impacts on their present circumstances. Staying in temporary accommodation creates as wide a range of needs and challenges, as the people who stay there. This can leave people unsure of what the next step is for them in finding their way back to a home. We listen to people with acceptance that they will be able to identify the way forward for themselves, then provide or signpost to support they think they may need to do this.



We support people on the journey from unstable accommodation into their own home. This support journey is based on the relationship we build with individuals. We achieve this together through weekly support meetings. This supportive relationship is a stabilising factor during the uncertain time of staying in temporary accommodation and then moving into, and building, a new home.



People are at the centre of their own support. They identify their goals and priorities, which form the basis of individualised action plans. This nurtures their sense of ownership, inclusion and autonomy, rebuilding self-esteem which results in people reintegrating society with them.


Finding, and managing, homes

Building Social Networks and relationships

Strengthening Emotional and mental health

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