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CARDS helps all kind of people. We don’t judge anyone or try to push them to ‘recover’. We help every person in the right way for them.

All people are different and they need different kinds of help. What CARDS does is looks very carefully at the person who needs our help and what kind of person we could get to visit them that would support them the best.

When we do this, we don’t have a particular outcome in mind. We set simple, achievable goals that every person can reach. It might be to manage their day-to-day finances or even stop drinking completely. We don’t decide what those goals are that’s up to them. We just help them get there, without conditions or judgement.

Who is that person that needs our help?

Is it someone you know?

We all know someone that we think might need help with their drinking.  A parent, a child, a neighbour, a friend, The list goes on.  We take referrals from anyone as long as the person understands that you have got in touch.  That conversation can be a difficult conversation to have.  The difference with our service is that it is not a recovery based intervention.  It is the provision of a relationship that hopefully will lead to positive health outcomes.  We can help you think about how you would go about that conversation as we realise that it’s not an easy one to make.  Please get in touch with us anyway. We will do all we can to help.


Someone you work with?

We receive referrals from GP’s, community nurses, alcohol services, alcohol liaison nurses, housing associations, social workers and many more professionals working in our communities.  If you are working with someone who has spoken to you about loneliness, isolation or problematic drinking and you think they would be open to a visit a week from a volunteer then please get in touch by completing and returning our referral form below with as much information as you can.  We will call you back and let you know when we have a volunteer ready.


Is that someone is you?

If you are reading this and you think you would benefit from seeing one of our amazing volunteers then chances are you will.  Many of our volunteers have been through years of problematic drinking themselves if that helps to know.  We have a dedicated support worker David who will be the person to call you back and help you decide if you think that this is for you. We are not pushy nor do we wish you to sign up for something that you don’t want.  You can take all the time you need to make your decision.  All we need is a number or an email address to contact you and you can change your mind at any time.

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