It’s time for a radical new stance against street homelessness

Rowan Alba is proud to announce a powerful new partnership with Common Ground Against Homelessness

Rowan Alba are launching a new partnership with Common Ground Against Homelessness in a bold, innovative new solution to long-term street homelessness. 

By drawing on the power of Community Shares, Common Ground we will bring together a community of ethical investors who understand that their money can do real good, while earning a competitive rate of interest. 

Current Scottish Government plans only accomodate 80% of those currently homeless in Scotland. Rowan Alba know the remaining 20% well. They are the people we support everyday in homes for life in our Thorntree St. service. 

For a number of years we have wanted to extend this service to another site, but Edinburgh commercial property prices have made this impossible. Common Ground Against Homelessness is the link to affordable, suitable properties we have been looking for. Find out how it works below, or at the Common Ground website.


Common Ground Against Homelessness has been created to buy properties on behalf of charities, with specific expertise in their field, so they can continue their vital work sustainably.

More than just a solution for the financial challenges that charities face, Common Ground is also a solution to the problem of repeat homelessness.  

Whether helping people recover from drug and alcohol dependence, escape domestic violence or countless other problems, front-line charities are innovators in creating environments that work for people and keep them off the streets. That innovation can only happen when the charity is able to do it’s work without needing to find ever-increasing amounts of money to pay rising rents.


In 2005, Rowan Alba Limited opened Thorntree Street. It provides a home for life to twelve men aged 50+ who had previously been on the street, or at risk of homelessness. 

Finding more suitable accommodation to replicate this home for life model has proved challenging. Through partnership with Common Ground Against Homelessness, Rowan Alba will be able to provide more homes for life, with the right support.