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We accept that domestic abuse can happen to anyone and that they should be able to access support regardless of gender, race, sexuality, belief or disability. Providing a service that recognises and accepts that men can be victims is crucial in ensuring that all victims of domestic abuse can access a service and support which is appropriate for them.


We provide weekly support sessions to identify each survivors own story and their support needs. This support is tailored to each individuals needs and circumstances. Support plans are developed in consultation with each man ensuring that his choices and wellbeing are at the forefront.


We include men in the narrative of victims of domestic abuse ensuring they have a voice. By being in conversation with male victims we increase our understanding of domestic abuse and can include others in this learning.

Meet the team

I first became passionate about this field while studying psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University and was involved in a group project looking at the impact stigmatization has on victims of abuse. Rowan Alba Ltd has given me the opportunity to take my theoretical knowledge of this issue and provided me with the training and experience of directly supporting individuals in this area.

Craig Muir

Support worker, Rowan Alba