Volunteer resources


Here are some of the documents that we refer to when we are making decisions that affect our staff, service users or our volunteers. Some of these frameworks inform the way we work and some are just useful to get a feel of our values.  The only obvious gap here is the wishes of the service user. This is where our curiosity lies, our desire to learn progresses and the relationship you provide helps along the way.


As a CARDS Volunteer you have agreed to attend at least one supervision session a month as part of your role. We have made several dates available throughout the year (twice a month), you can either attend a CARDS group supervision or an Adam Burley Supervision session or both. You also have the opportunity for one to one supervision sessions on request.


Rowan Alba On Call Rota is on hand to deal with any emergency situation that may occur during your visit with your client.  From time to time we may need to make changes to this rota so please remember that it is your responsibility to check who is on call before your appointments. Save all the numbers in your phone now as CARDS so you can access them easily or if you are having trouble accessing just call our head office or one of our services.


‘Rowan Learning Centre’ delivers high quality, affordable, qualifications and training to staff and volunteers from Rowan Alba and other Third sector organisations across Scotland.

The professional and personal development of every member of the Rowan Alba team is key to our core values and philosophy, and Rowan Learning Centre will be offering bespoke learning opportunities appropriate to all of the people who allow Rowan Alba to flourish, you.

”I visited Tom for a year, then he started to have his daughter and grandkids round.  He said he had learned how to let people back in to his home. Two years in and now he only drinks at night and helps with the kids homework twice a week” 

Ben. Volunteer Befriender.


At CARDS we have recently included a PEER SUPPORT element to complement the range of the support that we can offer. This step was taken in response to feedback received from our volunteers and clients who felt that the sharing of “Lived Experience” in the correct context would be beneficial in supporting positive change.

CARDS Volunteer Resources

The intention of this list is for the volunteer to be able to provide information on sources of support, advice or activities to clients when they request it (sign posting). Volunteers should not attempt to give any advice they are unsure of without contacting CARDS staff first.

Please ensure that if any incident occurs or any situation arises that the volunteer is unsure of it should be immediately reported to the CARDS staff (or on-call out of office hours).

In the event of an emergency the CARDS volunteer should contact emergency services immediately on 999.