If you have customers who aren’t getting help when they need it, there is something you can do.

CARDS is part of Rowan Alba, an Edinburgh-based charity which works with people who have a problematic relationship with alcohol. These people may have become socially isolated or unwell. We visit people in their homes, help them reconnect with the outside world and get the right help for them.

We offer support to the licensed trade

We recognise the important job bar staff do to support their customers and we would like to help you. During the Covid pandemic, when the local pubs in Leith were closed, the number of people contacting us doubled. When at-risk people were unable to come to their local for a chat and company they became isolated and at-home drinking increased.

We can help but we aren’t an emergency service

CARDS operates during normal office hours. If you have a customer who is causing immediate concern by, for example, medical emergency or anti-social behaviour you should follow your normal procedures for contacting the emergency services. Following an emergency incident, you should contact CARDS if you are still concerned about the customer. It’s best to get their permission first
but if that’s not possible contact us and we will help you to take the appropriate action.

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Please note: CARDS is not an emergency service. We will respond to you as quickly as we can.

If you need help immediately, click here for useful links to relevant services.

How CARDS works for you

This short video shows the relationship between client and volunteer, to benefit them both 

Meet our team

Our team at CARDS has a huge amount of experience, both professional and lived. They are here for you, without conditions or judgement. They will use their knowledge to find a volunteer who is personally right for you.

Tracey Stewart

Service leader


Peer Support Manager


Community Development & Outreach Worker


Support Worker


Hospital Link Worker